Diamond Heart by Zaheer Ahmed Urdu Novel Free Download

Get Diamond Heart by Zaheer Ahmed Urdu Novel Free Download. Diamond Heart Is available here for free download. Diamond Heart is the title name of this Urdu novel which is written by Zaheer Ahmed.
Imran series is one of the most famous and most readable Urdu spy novel in Pakistan and also in other countries like India, USA, Canada and UK because of it’s content and interesting stories. Ibn-e-Safi is the creator of Imran series Urdu novel. The first novel was published in 1955. Ali Imran is the main character of the protagonist of this Urdu novel. He is very handsome, tall and good looking. He has done his M.S.C and PhD from Oxford university. And appear as a comic and non-serious character who works as a freelancer for secret service of Pakasia. But he is very master, skillful and efficient to achieve his task and he did not lose even a single mission in his life carrier. But no one knows that the X-2 who is the chief of secret service is Ali Imran himself and controls the secret service team in which Captain Shakeel, Chief Shaga, Saliha, Tiger, Juanna and Natran etc are there. And the secret service is administrated by the Minister of Foreign Affair named Sir, Sultan.
Hope you will enjoy when you read this interesting Urdu Novel Diamond Heart by Zaheer Ahmed Free Download by the link given below.

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